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New Freedom Church
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Facility Agreement

Facility Request Agreement


New Freedom Church, an Ohio not-for-profit church corporation makes their facilities available to church members, and groups for meetings and other special events, whenever it is possible.

General Guidelines and Requirements

For the purposes of this agreement and policy, any reference to the facilities includes reference to any property of the church, including furniture, technology, and all other equipment.

This policy and agreement will cover the New Freedom Church facility, at 840 Miller Road, Lebanon, Ohio.

Every group or organization is required to abide by all church guidelines, requirements, and other restrictions regarding usage of the church facilities.

Users of the church facilities agree to use the utmost care in the use of the church facilities and agree to leave the facilities in good, proper, and clean condition.

All requests for usage of the church facilities are subject to the approval by the Executive Pastor.

New Freedom Church reserves the right to deny any request for use of the church facilities at any time, for any reason.

It is the understanding of this agreement that the church reserves the right to schedule other activities and events in other parts of the church facilities during your scheduled/reserved time.

General User Responsibility

Additional Requirements and Restrictions

Those using New Freedom Church facilities agree to release, protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless New Freedom Church, its trustees, officers, staff, employees, members, pastors, volunteers, and other representatives from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, actions, costs, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees and other legal costs) directly or indirectly arising out of use of any of New Freedom Church facility.

In the event of damage to the church facilities, those using any church facility shall accept the amount of repair and replacement costs as estimated, or otherwise determined, by the staff, agents, and board of trustees, or their designee and shall pay the church for such repair and replacement costs upon demand.

For events that may include attendance of children/youth (minors under the age of 18,) the applicable individual or group listed in acceptance of this policy is solely responsible for providing adequate adult supervision for all usage. New Freedom Church, its trustees, officers, staff, employees, pastors, volunteers, and any other representatives will not be held responsible for inadequate supervision of minors.

The transfer or passing on by any individual, group, or organization of permission to use church facilities to any other persons, groups, or organizations is strictly prohibited.

Those using church facilities must confine themselves to the areas provided for in their facilities usage agreement and will not exceed the capacity limits of the requested facility areas.

The use and consumption of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or drugs of any kind is strictly prohibited on all areas of the church property.

Usage of the church wireless network is available only upon request, and it is to be considered a privilege, not a right. Any inappropriate usage of the church wireless network, or any technology within the facilities, as deemed inappropriate by the church, or any of its agents, staff, or employees, is subject to the surrender of any deposits made for this facility usage policy and agreement, and (subject to investigation) may be banned from any future use.

This policy is applicable to use of the church facilities by any groups, individuals, organizations, or any other entity that is requesting use of the facilities. This policy supersedes all prior oral or written statements regarding the specific subject matter hereof.

Rooms available for reservation:

• Gap Room (special circumstances only)

• Fireside Room

• Multipurpose Room

• Life Room

• Fireside Kitchen


If it is deemed that no damage has occurred to the facility,

50% of your refund will be returned within 7-10 business days.

Gap Room (Special Circumstances Only):

All Other Rooms: $100.00

Facility usage fee(s) must be paid before this request can be fully approved and added to the church reservation calendar. This can be paid online, or by cash/check payable to New Freedom Church.

If after usage it is deemed that you have caused no damage to the church facilities, your usage fee will be refunded to you within 7-10 business days.

The named group, individual, or organization (1) acknowledges receipt, from New Freedom Church, an Ohio not-for-profit church corporation, of the facilities usage policy and agreement, and has read and fully understands all guidelines, requirements, restrictions, and other provisions set forth in such facilities usage policy and agreement, which are incorporated herein by reference, (2) requests usage of church facilities only as indicated above, and (3) accepts, agrees to, and will in all respects fully and timely comply with the facilities usage policy and agreement in connection with such usage, including all guidelines, requirements, restrictions, and other provisions set forth in the facilities usage policy and agreement, and such additional requirements and restrictions as may be communicated on behalf of New Freedom Church to the above-named individual, group, or organization prior to or in the course of such usage.