Real Freedom Pt 6
We all have our own set of weaknesses & gifts to carry. But a burden we need help with.
Real Freedom Pt 5
In one sense you have the freedom to do whatever you want…at least for a brief time, until “consequences” set in. Left unchecked your freedom can actually lead to bondage.…
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Real Freedom Pt 4
Real Freedom is found in accepting God’s love
Real Freedom Pt 3
Real Freedom is NOT giving up on something you know to be true.
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Real Freedom Pt 2
Real Freedom means you will have to go against the stream of popular opinion sometimes and stand on conviction instead of convenience.
Real Freedom Pt 1
Galatians is about the Good News of Grace…God’s kind of Real Freedom!
Detours, Dead Ends, & Dry Holes
Have you ever felt like God is punishing you through events in your life? Get down and out, feel sorry for yourself?
Grace of the Father
Pastor Noah talks about how the Father not only longs to see his son/ daughters come home but he is seeking after you!
Wrestling With God Pt 2
Have you been wrestling with something that you just can’t seem to conquer? Do you need restoration in some area of your life? Jesus offers hope and in Him, you will…
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Wrestling With God Pt 1
The Bible is full of stories of people just like us who had an unexpected experience that changed their lives and charted a new course for entire generations. But there…
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Memorial Day
Pastor Dennis talks about why memorials are important in our lives.